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Buying some wonderful Psi Phi Psounds

All Psi Phi's back catalogue are now available to buy from BandCamp: just follow the link below:


We've chosen to move to downloads, for the studio albums as well as the new live album "Mnemonic" for a number of reasons.

One is, it's twenty years since we were cutting up CD covers in our livingrooms for those early albums!

But also, Andy and Pod have donated the proceeds of ALL of Psi Phi's music sales to our dear departed brother Rob, for the benefit of his family and to cancer research.
Anything you pay will go to these causes, and not to us.

So think carefully when you buy - through BandCamp you have the option to give more than the cover price,
and we ask you, if you can, to remember Rob and that your purchase is a donation.

If you would prefer a CD, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.


Psi Phi